Ways to get the Family on Board with Saving Money


If you have made the decision that you feel your household should save money, perhaps to pay off a debt or save up for something, then you will need to get everyone on board with the idea so that you can all contribute. Whether this is just you are your partner or spouse or if you have children, you will need to make sure that everyone is making the effort to save money in order for it to work. Below are some tips on how you can encourage everyone in the household to help out.

Explain why you are doing it

You need to start with explaining why you have decided to save money. Obviously if you have young babies, they may not understand or it may not be relevant to them. However, even fairly young children need to understand why you may no longer be treating them to so many things or allowing them to buy sweets at the supermarket.

Point out advantages for them

It is worth explaining why it will benefit them if you save money. Perhaps getting rid of debt may not seem an advantage but you can explain that once it is paid off there will be a lot more money for treats. If you are saving to take them on holiday then they will obviously be able to see the advantage of this, but you may have to remind them of this every time you have to not buy them something that they want

Offer them an incentive or reward

If you manage to achieve your goal then you could offer the family some sort of reward. If you are saving for a holiday, then the holiday will be the reward. However, if you are paying off a debt, then children may not feel that they have had anything good as a result. Even if you promise them something cheap like a day out, it could help to inspire them to help you to save.

Make it into a game

If the children are young enough then you could make it into a game. You could even have a competition to see who can help you to save enough money. This could be looking for the cheapest items in supermarkets or going without things to help to save you money. They could win stickers on a chart and then have a small prize when they have got a certain number. Although the prize will cost some money, shopping will be a lot easy if they understand that by not asking you to buy then unnecessary things, they will be rewarded.