Top Five Ways to Save Money on a Holiday

Image courtesy of lindsaylouloubella

Image courtesy of lindsaylouloubella

A holiday can be an expensive treat, but something many of us like to do. There are ways that you can save money when booking a holiday though and it can be well worth the effort as it could make a significant difference. You may even be able to afford to go somewhere more exotic if you take all of these tips on board.

Book early
If you leave booking until the last minute you could find some bargains, but normally it is better to book early. Not only will you be sure that you have secured your place on the holiday but it is likely to be cheaper. There are some websites which can help you know which specific times will be best to book, such as how many weeks or days before you will find the prices to be the cheapest, so it can be worth doing some research.

Compare prices
It is so worth comparing prices between different companies. You will find that they will vary a lot but so will what they are offering. You need to take a look at what you will get for your money and work out whether you are getting good value or not. It can take time to do this but is worth the effort.

Compare package and separates
It is also worth comparing whether it is better to have a package or not. If you are paying from travel, hotel and hire car, for example, you will be able to organise it all together as a package, but it could be cheaper to organise each part separately yourself. It is worth doing some calculations in order to check.

Find cheap currency exchange
If you are travelling abroad and need to exchange currency then prepare for this before hand. You will find that exchanging money at the airport will be really expensive. It can be cheaper to get a prepaid card that you can use to withdraw cash abroad when you need it rather than buying travellers cheques or cash.

Do not buy extras
It can always be tempting to buy all sorts of extras when you are going on holiday, new outfits, luggage books and things like that. This can really add to the cost of the holiday as a whole and if you are looking to cut costs then it could be worth not doing this.