Five Ways to Avoid Supermarket Scams

Image courtesy of Ricardo

Image courtesy of Ricardo

Most people do not think that supermarkets are out to scam us. However, if you look more closely at a lot of their special offers, you will see that many of them are not as good as they would like us to believe. They may not be actual scams but they are certainly not as good as they may seem. It is worth watching out carefully for them to make sure that the deals are as good as they seem.

Buy one get one free offers or BOGOF are very good, however much rarer than you might think. Three for two and buy one, get one half price are much more common. They almost feel as good, but they are not. If you think about two for three, you are only savings 1/3 and buy one get one half price ¼ compared with buy one get one free where you save ½. Also you tend to buy more than you need when these deals are on.

Loyalty Point Offers
There are sometimes offers where you can get extra loyalty points for buying things and it looks really good. But if you actually work out how much each loyalty point is worth then you will not think of it as such a good offer. You may also never get round to spending your points or the points vouchers.

Brands vs Own Brands
You would not be blamed for assuming that all own brand products are cheaper, but this is not always the case. If you compared branded and supermarket branded items, you can sometimes find that the brands are cheaper if you compare price per unit or per weight. So look carefully before you automatically think a supermarket brand is cheaper.

Tiny Reductions
Sometimes the reductions made are really small, almost not worth bothering with. Make sure you look carefully and see whether it really is worth buying. Obviously if you are picking up something you always buy then any reduction is great, but if it is something that you are only getting because it is cheaper then look carefully first.

Carrier Bags
Carrier bags are now being charged for in many places. This means that you have to decide whether to buy a cheap plastic bag, dearer plastic bag or sturdy bag. It is much better to bring your own though as all of these bags are overpriced, if you purchase them elsewhere, you will save a lot of money.