Five Fantastic Ways to be Frugal

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Having more money does not always have to mean putting in long hours at work. There are ways that you can spend less money with very little effort and effect on your lifestyle. It can make a big difference to your savings, with little difference to your quality of life.

Compare prices
Comparing prices will take time, but soon will become a habit that you will fall into automatically. Comparing prices on everything from insurance policies to sandwiches will help to save you money. You may not always decide to buy the cheapest, as quality will have some bearing too, but at least you will be aware of your options and be able to make an informed choice. It can be tempting to go with brands you know or items you always buy, but you could save money in many ways if you make swaps.

Decide if you really need things
Before you buy things it is sensible to decide whether you really need it. We often automatically buy things, because we always buy them or because we think they will be useful or fun. However, if you want to be more frugal, then you need to think hard about every purchase and make sure that it really is something that you want.

Challenge yourself
It is worth challenging yourself to see whether you can reduce your spending by a certain amount. If you set yourself a target then this could make it more fun for you. Perhaps you want to save a certain amount of money a month or just reduce what you spend by a certain amount. If you have a specific figure in mind, it will give you something to aim for and hopefully make it more fun for you.

Don’t go shopping so often
When we go shopping we often buy more things than we actually need. This means that if we do not go out shopping so often, then we are less likely to spend that extra money. Go with a list too, if you are going to the supermarket and try to stick to it so that you do not make impulse purchases of things that you do not need.

Write down what you spend
It can really help if you write down everything that you buy. We sometimes buy things without realising that we have bought them and without looking at the prices. If you write down what you buy and how much it costs, you will be able to see where you might be able to cut down.