Bagging The Prize For Executive Positions In The Middle East


Not every supervisor and manager possess the knowledge, skills and discipline to become Chief Executive Officers in their companies. Nonetheless, you can rise up the ranks to become one although you must be prepared for the stiff competition.

Understand the Norms

In the Middle East, the local norms are different from one country to the next although there are common denominators for the region. You must understand, respect, and adapt to the regional and local norms in the business setting, which will demonstrate your excellent leadership qualities.

For example, business accords and contracts are rarely, if ever, agreed and signed on during the first business meeting even when other forms of communication have been engaged in (e.g., emails, phone calls, video conferences). Keep in mind that the Middle East way of doing business will be very different from the European way, such as in the emphasis on protocols, hierarchy, and manners.

When in doubt, ask the experts. You can consult with the Middle East recruitment professionals at Mackenzie Jones, read resource materials, and ask colleagues about the matter, all of which should give you a general idea of the local norms. You can also observe the action, so to speak, so that you will know how to talk, act and behave when dealing in Middle Eastern settings.

Become a Thought Leader

A thought leader is usually an individual recognised as one of the foremost authority figures in their profession, field or industry. His expertise is usually sought by others including his own colleagues because of the meaningful insights, useful tips, and even profitable suggestions.

Are you a thought leader? If you believe that you are not, then it is time to step up your A game.

You must demonstrate your acumen, competence and expertise in the industry, thus, showing your own brand of thought leadership. Let your light shine, so to speak, by letting your industry expertise become publicly accessible. By sharing your expertise, you are setting yourself apart from your competition while also touching base with others who are looking for sage advice.

Think of making your own business blog where you can discuss industry topics, provide useful tips, and just stay relevant in your field. You an also become an expert author on digital and traditional media, or become an author of books, or be a resource speaker. The more people you touch base with due to these activities, the more likely you can be viewed as a thought leader.

Maintain Visibility

With so many competitors, being a wallflower will be to your disadvantage, not to mention the fact that being a successful professional in your competitive field requires a highly visible profile.

But gunning for the top gun position means increasing your visibility so that employers will notice you more than your competitors. You can volunteer for breakout session at industry conferences, maintain active social media accounts, and even distinguish yourself from the present chief executive officer.

Just put your best foot forward and you should be the top gun next.